What people say about working with us.

Chris is a multi-talented guy, one of those swiss army knife-type folks that are so valuable at start-ups! He played a key role in... leading recruiting, HR and accounting, and always maintained an incredibly upbeat attitude and persona while offering creative solutions and advice. He was a pleasure to work with and I would gladly work with him again in the future.
— VP of Product @ On-Demand Transportation Startup
It was my pleasure to work closely with Eric... On the recruiting side, he sourced, coordinated and closed all of the engineers (including me!) that joined the team. I found Eric to be invaluable as a first screen of candidates and could vet job and culture with great accuracy. More than that, he was really the heart of the company… He also did not shy away from difficult HR issues and handled them effectively and professionally. I really enjoyed working with Eric and can easily recommend him to others.
— VP of Engineering @ Publicly Traded Software Company
Chris has been a tremendous asset... He has an eye for talent and goes above and beyond to ensure we build the best team possible. His ability to connect with people is impressive and I’m excited about the initiatives he has implemented to build a more attractive startup environment. Most amazingly though is the number of departments he has managed to run since day one. Anytime I need help with anything at all (payroll, benefits, IT support), Chris is who I go to and I trust that things will get taken care of.
— Software Engineer @ Digital Marketplace Startup
Eric is a really positive person to work with and in his capacity as our recruiter brought in excellent engineering candidates who commented on how much they appreciated his personal approach when reaching out. Eric also took on a lot of other roles from HR and admin to being the team event organizer and somehow juggled all the responsibilities without breaking a sweat.
— Senior Software Engineer @ Software Technology Startup
“No matter what is happening in the business, [Chris] is able to remain focused, while demonstrating unyielding leadership. I have worked with Chris specifically on many HR initiatives and he has a solid base knowledge around recruitment, benefits, employment law and compliance as well as employee engagement. He is one of those finance executives who understands the tricky balance of being mindful of cost yet fully being aware of the competitive nature of recruiting and retaining...top talent.
— Sr. HR Consultant @ Benefits Company
You can really see the passion Eric has for his job when working with him. He’s amazing at not only identifying talent, but nurturing and helping talented individuals grow. The culture he’s built [here] is the most enjoyable and unique environments I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. At the core of the company culture and overall morale, is Eric. His overall positive outlook and cheerful demeanor coupled with his hard working attitude make Eric an invaluable asset to any company.
— CX Lead @ Voice Technology Startup
With his broad experience in the operations of startup companies, Chris was very effective in setting up processes [for us]. He adjusted to the needs of the young company taking responsibility for HR in addition to the traditional role of the Controller. He is hard working and personable.
— Software Engineering Executive
I had the privilege to work with [Chris] during the start-up phase at [my company]. Chris is a great business partner for a marketing organization. He proactively works to establish new processes and streamline administrative workload. At the same time, he is very responsive in reacting to new or last minute opportunities.
— VP of Marketing @ Tech Startup
Chris was the tip of our financial spear... His countless extra hours and attention to details directly impacted our bottom line. From real time reporting to logging months of piled up accounting, he made my job easier and more efficient. Without him I know we would have lost some billings.
— VP of Sales @ Media Company
Working with Chris was an honor. Seeing the knowledge he has about start-ups and everything that he can do, was a learning experience. Anything I asked him he had an answer for. I felt secured that he was building everything for the company; from an HR perspective, to finance, accounting and among other things. I would strongly recommend Chris for any company; he is hard working and doesn’t give up till he accomplishes what he intends to do.
— Revenue Manager @ Private Transportation Company
Christopher is head and shoulders above the competition in absolutely everything he applies himself. And since we are at a start-up where he gladly puts on multiple hats on a daily basis, that statement encompasses pretty much everything.

Also, I have never worked with a manager who has put so much energy into ensuring there are opportunities for my own development every chance he gets.
Working with Chris is an experience no one should pass up.
— Senior Accountant @ Publicly Traded Biotech Company